Freedom From Back Pain Program


What’s Causing Your Back Pain?

Over the years, I have worked with a number of people suffering from back pain. And while the pain is manifested in different ways and in different areas the majority of all have one thing in common… They all suffer from a pelvic core distortion!

What Can Help?

Interestingly, as we unwind the pelvic core distortion through a series of protocols the back pain decrees and in many cases it’s even eliminated. The key lies in unwinding the distortion, then creating balance so that the body can support itself.

How Long Will It Take to Get Better?

What I have learned over the years is that it takes several sessions to completely unwind the core distortion. Naturally, for others who have lived with chronic back pain for decades the unwinding process is a bit longer.  Having said that, I have found that on average a person is significantly better after ten sessions.

What Benefits Should I Experience?

After ten sessions, that nagging back pain is greatly reduced or just gone. You would also be experiencing greater range of motion in your back. You would be able to get in and out of a car with greater ease. The same could be said about getting into bed at night and out of bed in the morning.  For the simply fact that the back pain you have living with is no longer present. The other major benefit that you will experience is that you become more active and productive with your time. Thus, you can plan out your week or commit to making and keeping appointments without worrying about that aching back pain. It is at this point in your going through the program, that I can say we are making a difference in your life!

You will also experience many other secondary benefits as well, such as having more energy, less fatigue, better sleepsleeping longer, walking and standing better and for longer periods of time, not feeling uncomfortable while sitting in a chair, feeling calmer, less edgy, less anxious and of course less stressed.

What Do I do Next?

Your next step is to decide if this program is right for you. That is why I’m offer you the a Free 15 minute consultation call I have entitled it, “Making a Difference In My Life Consultation Call”. In this call we will discuss in detail if this programs is a good fit for both of us.


What Does the Program Consist of?

To help get you out of back pain and resolve your back pain issues I have created a program called: “Freedom From Back Pain Program”

Its consists of the following:

  • In depth consultation regarding your back pain.
  • Full body postural analysis, to visually confirm postural imbalances and the pelvic core distortion.
  • Functional muscle testing to confirm postural weakness and pelvic core distortion.
  • Manual correction test for pelvic core distortion.
  • Cranial structural therapy and structural bodywork therapy to unwind and correct cranial distortions and the pelvic core distortion.
  • Includes ten sessions over ten weeks, each session lasting up to 90 minutes.
  • Includes email follow up consultation 2 to 3 days after each session. This is to document your progress and to address any questions or concerns you may have. These notes will become part of your permanent record.

The next step is yours…

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