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Is Structural Energetic Therapy the same as Massage Therapy?

Injuries - sports running knee injury on manIs Structural Energetic Therapy the same as Massage Therapy? Is a question that I’m asked on a regular bases usually over the phone. Many times they have been referred in for a session yet have no idea what to compare Structural Energetic Therapy to. So it is a valid question that needs to be addressed.

The simple answer to that question is NO! Structural Energetic Therapy is not massage. Some techniques may be similar but by no means is it massage therapy. If you are looking for a typical relaxing spa like setting massage, then Structural Energetic Therapy is not want you want.

Structural Energetic Therapy by nature is very different. It’s focus is to change or improve your alignment and posture.  Indeed, the process many be a bit sensational but the end results are worth it.  Structural Energetic Therapy is in the truest sense a form of  rehabilitative bodywork. Those seeking it are unusually in great pain or discomfort and are desperately seeking help in getting out of pain!

All to often I’m getting calls from people that have tried massage to deal with their pain but are not getting out of pain completely.  Don’t get me wrong massage therapy can help with minor aches and pains. However, it will not address the more complex or chronic pains that are due to structural imbalances. For this you need to work with a skilled therapist that has been trained to address these imbalances through out the body.

So, now you know why Structural Energetic Therapy is different from massage therapy.

To learn even more please read my post on Beyond the Box.

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