Why Does My Knee Hurt?

Why Does My Knee Hurt?

Have you ever asked yourself any of the following questions?

Why does the inside of my knee hurt?

Why does my knee hurt when I bend it?

Why does my knee hurt when I straighten my leg?

Or why does my knee hurt when I walk?If so, it’s always a wise course of action for you to have it checked out by a physician. Chances are he/she may find that you have some arthritis or inflammation going on. Then again, he may discover you have a ligament or cartilage injury. Either way you finally know for certainty what’s causing the pain.

So what do you do next?

Know that you have three option…

  1. First, do nothing and live with the pain. This is the path of least resists and many do choose to take it, but then again it’s your choice.
  2. Second, Follow the physician’s recommendations. Most do follow, however not all do since they do not want to depend on meds.
  3. Third, Go the alternative route and work with a person that has been trained to rehab a knee without the use of meds our surgery.

This third option is what I’m going to talk to you about now. I realizes that if you are reading this post you could be living on the other side of the country and may not have the means to get to or work with me. However, if you have knee pain and don’t want to rely on medication or get a surgery. I highly recommend you seek the hands of a skilled Structural Energetic Therapy Therapist. Personally I have worked with many individuals who once suffered with knee pain and are now pain free.

Let me give you an example I had a few years ago, a professional athlete was referred to my office due to a left knee injury. I took the time to explain what was really behind his pain and how that lead to his injury.  He reasoned for a moment on what was explained to him, then said let get to work “Doc”! (Just to me clear I’m not a doctor, but athletic do tend to use that term with anyone that can help them with their injuries.)  After several SET sessions, he was back in the game! His knee improvement so much faster than others with the same type of knee injury that fellow teammates thought he faking an injury…

This man decided to take action and SET made a difference in his life!

If you are suffering from knee pain call my office at 201-602-7997 and let talk and see if SET is right for you.

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