Back & Leg Problems

Norman MetzRobert has been a godsend for me. After years of doing sit-down dentistry, my body was beginning to rebel. Years of doing repetitive movements made a wreck of my back and leg muscles and all the ligaments connected to them and my hips. Every time I would get up from a chair I would limp bent over like an old man until I could straighten up. Within a short time, Robert was able to get me feeling human again. I now see him just once a month for maintenance. SET is a big part of each appointment and so is the Cranial/Structural technique, which seems to correct imbalances in my body alignment. He is very professional and extremely knowledgeable of the body and all its muscles and ligaments. I am in awe of his abilities and can’t praise his abilities enough. Norman Metz, DMD, Millburn, New Jersey


Fibromyalgia and MS

Cathi DI am a recent patient but I am currently experiencing amazing results. I have seen improvement in my walking, my overall movement. With the cranial work, I have seen better cognitive functionality, enhanced vision. My challenges are MS and I also have some torn and sprain ligments in my left knee. Also last year due to an infection an abscess wrapped itself around my spine, I lost the ability to walk. After a lot of hard work, I can walk without assistance but it is not pretty. Since seeing Robert, it just gets better and better all the time.
I would recommend SET Treatment to anyone struggling with pain chronic or intermittent. Illnesses such as Fibromyalgia, MS, Arthritis as they will all benefit from this treatment. I was so impressed with the difference in my body and my posture. I can recall even as a teen people telling me I slouched, shoulders rolled forward. Now, after just a few treatments, I stand up straight and my posture has improved. What is impressive about this is we have primarily focused on my legs thus far but even with that, my posture is tremendously better. Cathi D, Kempton PA

You folks, are not going to believe what happen to me at the Dr. Office a couple of hours ago. I had to see my plastic surgeon, this was a follow up treatment for the 3 basil cell skin cancer surgeries I had in June of 2013. At that time I was using a walker full time and thrilled to be out of a wheel chair on my feet due the hard work and progress I had made. Remember plastic surgeons know the body well and they are used to evaluating the body at all times. With SET you feel the changes in your body but you do not honestly believe it is noticeable to others.
I just saw this Dr. two months ago so so when I went to get off of the table, he waited to try to help me get down. He said “Wow, you are getting around great.” I cannot get over how much progress you have made in such a short period of time.” He said, “Cathi, what core exercises are you doing that have made such a difference?” He then said, “You are walking from your core! Your posture is excellent!” (I have know this Dr. for six years.) “Since I have known, you always walked slouched over.” (He then makes a motion like a person slouching.) I started to tell him about SET and he said. “I have never seen such a dramatic change so quickly. Keep doing it, whatever it is.” If I had scripted this myself, this could not be a greater testament to SET!
Cathi D, Kempton, PA


Walking Straighter & Less Pain

June 4, 2015 – 1 of 5  TREATMENTS  9:00am -10:30am

I was recommended to Robert (as he addresses himself is actually not doctor per sa – but a licensed massage therapist) by a co-worker whose husband was really crippled up by pain/injury and she told us of HIS improvement for mobility after ONE visit then by fourth visit he was well on way to total improvement for him to be able to move around without so much pain or restriction.

MY observations and interaction with him 1st time was immediate relaxed and confidence for both him and ME.  Handshake, amazing was not the expected strong, firm shake, but almost wisped like – later learning as we went through the treatment it was the learned skill of his touch and strength of application of that strength that did all the magic.

Very good at diagnosing/identifying obvious physical problems such as walking ease, gait, overall skeletal structure abnormalities (stooped, stiff, uneven etc) his constant communication whether direct inquiry of  history to help him address the pain for which the client (his reference) is visiting him for or his ever informational explanation of just what he is actually doing and why and how it all works, oh, yes he does predict some discomfort, pain of what to expect and WHY.

I came away from 1st visit so surprised at what and how I was feeling.  The most important thing to ME was I was able to walk straight (right foot) that hasn’t  been the case in years (my car accident –hit by car Jan 25, 1960-on critical list for 2 weeks) !

1st day at work, my co-workers all commented on the difference in my walking! As the week progressed to the 2nd visit I myself was so surprised and happy about the feeling of lighter legs and able to walk with normal shoes and STRAIGHT yep, I am on right track here.

June 11, 2015 – 2 of 5  TREATMENTS  10:45-12noon (with x-rays to show staples location in lower body)

Robert checked x-rays and immediately recognized that they were in location that would not interfere with anything he needed to work on (muscles, or skeletal).

He concentrated on my hip/legs and abs areas.  RESULTS: walking straighter and less pain also when I got to work several people comments on the speed of my walking was improved as well.

June 18, 2015 – 3 of 5  TREATMENTS  10:00am-noon & 1am-12:3

Really intense session (hurting from sun,  vacuuming and tuesday laundry) Robert was very responsive to the issues I told him about.

Started with head (skull decompression to allow fluid to circulate properly).
Left side 1st  muscle stretching and energy stimulation/release.(I noted that my feet were numbing?)
Right side next then abs area.  Pain in feet same as left.
Then feet and ankles hurt but after much better.
BACK! this was awesome by compression to the spine it was felt down to the toes!  When I stood up I was a little light headed which he said was expected but the important thing I was standing STRAIGHT and walking so much better and FEELING very different MOVEMENT in hips and legs also I noticed the little veins in legs ankles feet seem to be smaller and not as noticeable!!! I was a HURTING, happy camper.

FEET walking straight feeling ankles and feet, less pain numbness.
ANKLES: drastic reduction of the tiny veins in heal and legs!!

Tues 6/23 – did some yard work (in hot weather, clipping and trimming weeds) NO PROBLEM!!

June 25, 2015 -4 of 5  TREATMENTS  11am-12:30

Going into session ‘hurting’ right side big problem (numbness foot, ankle and hip)
Robert noticed immediately the complete picture.  Right hip up.
Shoulders: not extremely tender
Head: a lot of energy releasing.
CONCENTRATION on the right side! The inner thigh close to knee really needed work.
Hip: adjusted painfully but ankle and foot needed attention: Robert used both the expertise of ‘manipulation’ of muscle then a vibrator(actually more of a ‘hammer type’ motion to stimulate the muscles.
Feet: amazing the education I got when thru his manipulation of ball and toes it was felt all the way to head and back!

BACK: really was amazingly awesome!  My head was completely stuffed up and I couldn’t breathe thru my nose, my ears did pop once, (this was the only time in all the treatments that I really felt frightened about anything) when he finished the decompression of spine/back I sat up and miraculously my head did clear and I was sniffling again.  As follow-up to this part he again used ‘the hammer machine (vibrators tool) 2 of them by use of cross arm positions elbow, wrist, fingers I again experienced a major breakthrough with my ‘range of motion of upper part of body’.  When I stood up to end the session and get a final checkout of the progress for this session.  I was standing tall, walking more easily, head cleared.  YES today really proved this ‘treatment is worth the time and to boot I get educated about ME also Robert shares the interesting history of this practice. In MY opinion and book I would commit to this treatment program BEFORE even entertaining thought of other known medical interventions for musculoskeletal issues.  Leaving office I was a little ‘sore’ but normal within hours I  wasn’t even thinking about after soreness.  Workplace all commented on how wonderful the results have been.

All in all the whole experience has been educating and really delivering a much better quality of life for ME!!

Friday 6/26/15 weather will always be a ‘demon’ the humidity is something we can’t control so getting up was annoying stiffness but once up and about the results of yesterday’s treatment REALLY was noticed and effective!

SUNDAY 6/28/15

I managed a couple extra sleeping hours this a.m. FEELING GREAT!!! Walking without any problems went shopping and just finished 1 ½ hrs of cooking time!!! NO PROBLEM!! Even with the high humidity today – I know I made right choice to undergo these treatments!!! Thank you God for guiding Roberta into my life at the right time.

JULY 1, 2015 – 5 of 5  TREATMENTS  9:30am -11:00am

As soon as I walked in Robert knew exactly where I was having my problem today!

It is amazing how this happens!.  I was still feeling some numbness and pain in right ankle and heel. This whole session was more concentration on my right side (leg, ankle, foot) but a the total routine ‘conditioning’ my body to it’s optimum is a slow and long process, I fully understand, hey it took over 60years of neglect, bruising, sometimes breaking, spraining to get here so it is going to take more than a few weeks to correct anything! Let alone reeducating ME and my body to how it should be. This week Robert explained that the reason for my pain during the treatment this week was be cause LAST week we just did one ‘layer’. This week we went deeper and that is why the pain was as intense if not more than last session.  I understand totally and did feel the improvement, as was very evident when done.  I walk straighter, taller(straighter) and my ankle, heel felt more flexible and less painful.  In fact after today’s session I feel more range of motion in all parts.  Shoulders, head and feet!

SUMMARY:  I am convinced that I have made the best decision concerning MY health and well-being in years, by committing to this STRUCTURAL ENERGETIC THERAPY.  I intend to continue, realizing that if all this happened in 5 weeks then I can continue to improve. My goal and expectation at this point is to get to point that the Treatment itself will feel like a ‘soothing’ massage and all muscles will be where they are supposed to be and functioning as they should.

I am realistic in understanding that the joints themselves will probably still feel the humidity.

But all in all GREAT job Robert.  THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!
Pat  Etzel, Fairfield NJ


Knee Problems

A number of years ago my right knee was painful and I was having trouble walking. After undergoing an MRI, the doctor informed me that my knee was arthritic and was “chopped up”. Short of an eventual surgery, I had to live with it. Followed up the doctor’s recommendation, I went to therapy which only made the pain worse after six weeks. I am very active playing racquetball and tennis and love speed walking. At that point I was unable to do more than walk slowly. Upon my husband’s suggestion, I went with him to see Robert. I am always open to any help and decided it couldn’t hurt. After one session, my pain was totally gone and I was able to get back to normal. Since that time, through maintenance, my knee has yet to have pain or stop me from being active. Through Robert’s knowledge of S.E.T. and his expertise, I am pain free! My gratitude, Carole Genatt, Englishtown, NJ


Chronic Foot Pain

Dale MRobert,
I appreciate working with you for over the past few months. This a long testimonial, but believe it (or not), a very short version of my story. People don’t realize what I have gone through to get relief for my strained feet. When I say strained, I mean that I could barely walk, let alone run, or ski. Also, I developed severe lower back chronic pain.
I am 37 years old now, but my problems with my feet began in my mid to late 20’s. I was warned by a podiatrist at age 18 that I should wear orthotics or I will have a lot of problems in the future. I wore them but lost them during my first six months in the military. At the time my feet felt okay so I didn’t bother to get new ones.
When I was 26 or 27 I started to feel sharp, shooting pain in my arches during activities like roller blading, skiing, and ballroom dancing. I felt very young to have this happen to me. I went to numerous foot doctors and tried all kinds of orthotics and nothing really provided the relief I needed to resume these activities. I stopped altogether ballroom dancing and rollerblading because the pain was excruciating. I continued to ski, but in great pain.
By the age of 35, I was fed up with all the orthotics, and all the recommendations for foot and ankle surgery. My feet were now hurting ALL THE TIME even with my orthotics. I began to do internet searches of the symptoms I was having, and the medical names of the foot conditions I was diagnosed with. I visited top-notch foot doctors in New Hampshire and Ohio.
Some of my diagnoses include severe Plantar Fasciitis, Functional Hallux Limitus (a big-toe flexion limitation during gait), Ankle Equinus (an ankle dorsiflexion limitation), and a leg-length discrepancy (short left leg). Do a web-search and you will find that the only available treatments are orthotics and surgery. Some chiropractors claim to treat many of these conditions as well.
I traveled all the way to Cleveland to see a new foot doctor, an extremely bright and compassionate guy, and he told me there was a pelvis connection. If he never told me about the pelvis connection, I might not have ever discovered SET (read on). He referred me to a chiropractor in Detroit that said I had a jaw condition (TMJ) that was affecting my pelvis and my feet. I took all these clues and did some more web searching and discovered the sacro-occipital technique (created by a chiropractor for correction of postural problems). I asked my chiropractor about it and he said that was what he’d been doing on me the entire time. Why wasn’t I getting better then? I did more web research on sacro-occipital and by some random chance discovered the SET (Structural Energetic Therapy) website. After reading Beyond the Box, things started to click. I started to have hope.
Since there were no SET practitioners in Connecticut, I decided that I was going to fly to Tampa, Florida (the SET home office), during JAN thru APRIL of 2007. (Continues Next Column)
I realized that my body became this way over many, many years, and that I was going to have to make a commitment of time! I already went through so much agony, that I would only let the creators of SET touch me. I was going straight to the top to insure that I was getting the best care in the field!
Pam Putnam was my therapist and worked on me while I was down there. On January 17th 2007, she did the core-distortion release on me. After the very first session, I couldn’t believe how different I felt when I got up off the massage table. I did 13 weekly sessions with her (90 minutes each). I was out of my orthotics the very first day. Over those 13 weeks I had good days and bad days. My body was adjusting and settling into its new alignment. I am an impatient person, so I became frustrated. I am also someone that has the common sense to know that the therapy is a process! Just like how my posture was gradually eroding, and pain was increasing over the years – was a process. I had to stick with it and commit to it!
While I was in Tampa she told me about Robert in New Jersey. She said he is one of their most promising students and I should continue with him upon my return to Connecticut. I was happy that I could continue my SET therapy, but I was disappointed because at that time he was still only a student, and not yet a SET graduate/Certified SET Therapist. I was reluctant to go.
After two months in Connecticut, my feet were beginning to act-up really bad again. So I called Robert and made an appointment. He picked up where Pam left off, and I have improved immensely. I continue to see Robert weekly, and my posture is finally holding better, and the pain in my feet is about 80-90% less of what it was when I first started SET….and still no orthotics!
You have no idea how many different types of MD’s, DO’s, chiropractors (traditional chiropractors, chiropractic kinesiologists, and chiropractic neurologists), foot doctors, osteopaths I have seen…maybe 10 or 15! I also tried Rolfing…I did the entire 10-series of Rolfing, and was very disappointed.
There is nothing that even comes close to SET in resolving chronic pain. SET balances your body. As soon as you feel pain coming on, get in and see a SET practitioner. The longer you wait, the longer it will take to reverse the postural problems that led to all the pain in the first place.
I believe that it is an absolute crime that people do not know about this. Most doctors don’t know about this! I believe in time SET will be a mainstream healing modality, suitably recognized throughout this country in perhaps even the entire world. The good news is-if one is fortunate, if lucky enough to have stumbled onto this website, or ANY SET website, it could very well be the beginning of a wonderful journey back to a healthy and properly functioning body.
January 5th, 2008 was the first day I went skiing in over three years! (Something I thought I would never be able to do again)
D. Massicotte – Middletown, CT

I was referred by a college, to Robert Trevino Jr.

I was experiencing excruciating back and leg pain as a result of a pinched nerve.

I couldn’t stand up straight or stand on my legs too long because of the severe chronic pain I was in. My Doctor had me go for therapy that included heat therapy. I tried chiropractor and acupuncture. I was willing to try anything so I called and made an appointment with Robert Trevino. After only one session I saw a tremendous difference.

I continued to go to Robert once a week for one year. It has been four years now and I still go to Robert twice a month and I feel great. Now I stand up straight and I am able to do everything without excruciating pain.

Thank you so much Robert you are the best!! You have magic hands.

Donna Altschuler

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Back Pain

My first appointment with SET therapy I thought was going to be my last. Especially when Robert explained how SET therapy works. I thought to myself “this is going to help my back pain, yeah right” I couldn’t wait to get out of his office. But, then something happened (not all at once) but did happen. The back pain I’ve been experiencing since I was in my early 20’s was Gone! I mean it was gone…. I cannot say enough about SET therapy or Robert Trevino!
Pam Saldutti, Boonton, NJ


Highly Recommend…

After nearly 40 years, I still enjoy playing hockey in two men’s leagues. My body hits the ice with more frequency these days, but it’s good to know Robert Trevino is there with his SET ready to ‘straighten’ me out and get me back on the ice quickly. Everyone can benefit from his expertise. I’ve recommended Robert to friends and family and will continue to do so.
Steve Sefcik, Pine Brook, NJ



I began treatment with Robert about 15 months ago for back pain that had extended into my right leg, arm, and neck. I have some scoliosis and plenty of degenerative disc disease. I could feel that stretching helped, but hard as I tried there were many parts of me that wouldn’t stretch. Tight muscle fascia, scar tissue, whatever; Robert could give a better description of what was actually going on, but the point is, he released a lot of it. Not only did I experience amazing pain relief after each therapy session, but I was able to more effectively feel what was going on in my body and start to relieve more of my pain by myself, like in a yoga class. I could stretch my spine, create space between vertebrae. So while my x-rays or MRI’s would still show the arthritis, disc disease, etc. the discomfort level is absolutely manageable. I can work an 8 hour shift. Chiropractic adjustments last longer, and exercise is far more effective. He helped unwind my scoliosis; I think most people don’t notice it. I’ve been totally happy with all of Robert’s therapy and I continue to improve all the time.
Sincerely, Laura Schiffenhaus


Physical and Emotional Pain

All of us heard, “When life hands you lemons, make lemonade”. Well, when life gives me physical and emotional pain, I call Robert. I shared with Robert that he is on my gratitude list to remind me what is good in this world. I’ve experienced many setbacks in my lifetime due to car accidents, sport injuries, falls and grief. The pain I endure is chronic and can be debilitating. The location of my pain varied from ankle sprain, elbow tendinitis, knee inflammation, and spinal lumbar/hip issues. I, also, experience severe sinus headaches, digestive and breathing issues. Robert’s technique enables me to perform my daily activities with less stress and minimal pain. He is remarkable when applying this technique to my aching muscles which also aids in my breathing. My overall well being has improved. I am thankful to my son, “Matthew” who steered me in the direction of holistic therapy which led me to Robert. Since, after several visits to my orthopedic and numerous cortisone shots to my left elbow, I was faced with surgery. I couldn’t pick up a coffee mug. Today, after several treatments with Robert I am carrying grocery bags, with caution, of course LOL…my point is: I omitted the surgery. SET therapy is not a luxury massage, it is as it states- “A highly specialized field of rehabilitative deep-tissue therapy”. This structural energy therapy along with chiropractic adjustments keeps my mainframe strong and headaches lessened. Each individual responds differently, the above is my true experience. My commentary by no means is trying to sway you from doctors. Sometimes surgery and pain medication is necessary to get you through your injury. I’ve been through MRI’s, Xray’s, ankle boots, knee braces. After all that, I have peace of mind that I am in good hands with Robert and my Chiropractor. I wish you the same peace of mind and body in motion with less pain.
Sincerely, Patricia Ballentine, NJ


Knee Pain

abbySET has been truly life changing. I turned to SET, with the hope of managing lower back pain and spasms. Previously, I had followed the prescribed path of physical therapy and medication, but with no avail. After four SET treatments, my pain was gone. This was amazing and since then, the benefits, I have experienced with SET has been exciting.

Robert has also helped me rehab my knee, before and after surgery for a torn lateral meniscus. With SET, I have become stronger and continue to improve with every session. I do urge you to try SET; and have your chance at this life changing experience. Abby S, PA


FEEL Better

Marc M

“I was impressed with his knowledge about different parts of the body and how they were to be treated.

I would HIGHLY recommend his services to anyone who wants to feel better.

Marc Maurer – Pine Brook, NJ

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