Prevent Muscle Injury

Did you know that at this time of year many experience muscle injuries?

With the warmer weather, sunny days and blue skies, it’s no wonder we just want to enjoy the outdoors.  Our moods improves and we are invigorated to exercise more, play outdoors and even work on our lawns.

And since we are so limited with our time, we are more likely to do way too many things all at once. Doing this over a few weekends and you could easily finds yourself going down the path of muscle injuries.

Prevention of muscle injury is the key here… 

Did you know that if you take just a few minutes to warm up your muscle by stretching each day the chances of injuring your muscles dramatically decrease?

Also, whether you are playing or working outdoors, remember to always keep hydrated. Lack of H2O can easily cause muscle cramps.

And finally, if it’s been a while since your last SET session. The start of Spring may be the right time for a maintenance session.

As you are aware SET is a great rehabilitative therapy but it’s is also great way to prevent muscle injuries.

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Best of heath,

Robert Trevino