Structural Depression

The other day I post a comment on my FB account, TREVINO BODYWORK, regarding Depression. Yet, I wanted to elaborate a little more on this topic…

It’s estimate that all of us will experience some form of depression in our lives. Unfortunately, we all experience some type of challenge or unforeseen tragic evident that can lead us down the path of depression. Fortunately, for most of us depression is a momentary experience in life.

However, for others it’s a greater challenge to overcome. And while there are many choices as to how to approach this matter. I’d like to highlight one approach that is almost always overlooked.

It’s called Structural Depression or SD!

Over the years of working with individuals it’s amazing to see the connection between poor posture and depression. How do you know if you are suffering from Structural Depression? The best way to determine this is by standing before a mirror to see your entire posture profile. For those that have been in my office, you may recall that we always start our sessions with a postural analysis. This is one of the best ways I know how to determine the degree of distortion your body is in.

Getting back to knowing how to determining if you are suffering from Structural Depression… Look at yourself in front of a full length mirror, in a relaxed stance, now what do you see?

Do you see that your shoulders are rounded inwards? Does your head go forward and chin down? Are your arms rounded that you can see all your knuckles of your hands? ¬†Does your chest expand while you breath or not? Do you notice the left lower ribs protruding further out than the right side? Do you notice that one of your legs seems longer than the other? In other words as you stand looking at yourself do you want to kick out one leg out from underneath you? If so, you it’s very possible you are suffering from SD.

Now, to the good news!

If you or someone you love has been suffering from Depression and have been trying to overcome it and has had little to no success. In my opinion, there is a good chance they are suffering from SD and no medicine can ever resolve it! Therefore, you need to get the the underling or root problem of what is triggering the depression.

That’s were Structural Energetic Therapy or SET comes into place.! It is by far one of the best therapies I know that addresses SD. SET get’s to the root of the problem by addressing the many structural patterns that are present in a SD body.

The beauty of SET, is that after just a few sessions your body will be in a better alignment, improved posture, head upright, decrease rounded shoulders, chest expanding during inhalation, hip and pelvic in better alignment, and legs/feet feeling more grounded. All this creates a feeling of empowerment! Structural Depression then becomes much more manageable or a thing of the past.

If you would like to learn more about SET and how it can help you, please reach out to me, Robert at 201-602-7997. Or send me a message.