What is Structural Energetic Therapy?

What is Structural Energetic Therapy? This is a question I hear on a weekly bases. The fact is, that many people have never heard of it and are curious to know if it can help them. Structural Energetic Therapy was been around for well over 30 years and was created my a gentleman named Don McCann from the Tampa Florida area. Currently he continues to teach this healing art called Structural Energetic Therapy.

So what exactly is Structural Energetic Therapy? In a nutshell it’s an advance form of bodywork. But it’s not massage, it’s geared more towards a style of structural integration. You may have heard of other therapies like Rolfing and Myofascial Release these are forms of structural integration. So,this may give you a better idea for what Structural Energetic Therapy is.

However,  Structural Energetic Therapy is still different. How so, you may ask? There are two main ways, but I will discuss only one in this post. It’s the one that I feel is the game changer or life changer for that matter. And, this is because unlike the other structural integration styles it is the only one that incorporated cranial release techniques. And it is this, that sets Structural Energetic Therapy apart from the rest. This one component can make a huge difference in the outcome of your therapy.

Over the years I have worked my many that I have had issues on particular problem and that they could not resolve it. They had gone to Physical therapists, Massage therapists, Rolfers, Myofascial therapists, acupuncturist, and chiropractors. Granted, all these therapies helped them to a certain degree but they had not gotten the outcome they wanted. Which is long term relief of their pain. The only thing that helped them was Structural Energetic Therapy.

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